IPL 2018 cricket tournament enters in Do or Die Phase

17 May 2018 14:10 Dr Ramesh C Raina

Indian Premier League 2018 has entered in the do or die phase. First two positions are almost final but there is now neck to neck competition for 3rd and 4th Place. Only first four teams can enter the play offs scheduled next week. Sunday 20th May will be final matches before Play Offs. So far SRH “Sun Risers Hyderabad’’ is at the top of the points table. SRH has played 12 matches out of 14 matches and have got 18 points. SRH is captained by K. Williamson. Net run rate of SRH is +.400. Second slot is occupied by CSK “Chennai Super Kings” lead by captain Dhoni. CSK has played 12 matches and has got 16 points.Net run rate of CSK is +.383. These two teams have qualified for play Offs. First and second may change until 20th May.

There is uncertainty in Slot number 3 and 4. Five teams are competing for 3rd and 4th position. These teams are KKR “Kolkata Knight Riders”, MI “Mumbai Indians”, RR “Rajasthan Royals”, KXIP “Kings Eleven Punjab and RCB “Royal Challengers Bengaluru. KKR has played 13 matches and has got 14 points with -.096 net run rates. MI has played 13 matches and has got 12 points with +.384 net run rate. RR has played 13 matches and has got 12 points with -.399 net run rate. KXIP has played 13 matches and has got 12 points with -.490 net run rate. RCB has played 12 matches and has got 10 points with -.478 net run rate. DD ‘‘ Delhi Daredevils” are at the last slot of the points table. DD has played 12 matches and has got 6 points only with - .478 net run rate.

Today RCB will clash with SRH and tomorrow DD will clash with CSK. Though win or loss will not affect SRH, CSK and DD now but for RCB it will have impact. In case RCB wins today’s, match which will be its 13th match its points will increase to 12 with positive run rate and it can jump up the table to fourth position. On Saturday and Sunday, we have knock out like situation, losing teams will be out of the Play Offs straightly. On Saturday there will be two matches between RR Vs RCB and SRH Vs KKR. All the three teams RR, RCB and SRH will have chance to occupy 3rd and 4th Place. On Sunday again, DD will play against MI and CSK will play against KXIP. MI and KXIP will have chance to reach to 3rd or 4th Place. By Sunday night 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th slots of the points table will be finalized.

In the play offs team occupying the first slot will play with second slot and 3rd and 4th will play eliminator. Qualifier 1 will be played on 22nd May, Eliminator will be played on 23rd May. Qualifier 2 is scheduled for 25th May and the Finals of the IPL 2018 will be held on 27th May. On this day also, there will be final match of the UEFA champions league finals between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

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