BJP invited to form government in Karnataka

16 May 2018 23:25 Dr. Ramesh.C.RAINA

After a high political drama in the southern state of india, Today Governer of the state invited B.S. Yeddyurappa to form the new governtment in Karnataka. B. S. Yeddyurappa has been elected as the leader of the BJP legislators. He has been directed by the governer to prove majority on the floor of the vidhan sabha within 15 days from the date of assuming office since Yeddyurappa is the prominent face of BJP in the state and has served as Chief Minister of the state also; most probably he will be sworn in as the Chief Minister of the state. In his letter, Governer of Karnataka Shri Vajubhai Vala has informed Mr.Yedduyrappa to indicate the date, time and the place for scheduling the swearing in ceremony.

General Elections for Karnataka vidhan sabha were held on 12th May and the results were decleared on 15th May. Early morning trends were giving 115 seats to BJP which was sufficient for forming the new government but by three pm trends started slipping away from BJP and the final tally was BJP-104 seats followed by Congress-78 and Janta Dal Secular-37 seats. Election was held on 222 seats and election for Rajarajeshwari Nagar and Jaya Nagar could not be completed. Karnataka assembly has 224 seats, minimum seats required to form the government is 113 and the BJP felt short by 9 seats one independent also supported the BJP so BJP will now require 8 more MLAs to win the trust vote on the floor of the house. It will be interesting to observe developments during the next 15 days in karnataka and every ones eyes will be fixed on the state and particularly on the 8 MLAs who could support BJP on the floor of the house. According to various reports 5 MLAs from Congress and JDS have been found incommunicado Congress and JDS MLAs have been housed at a safe resort guarded by the Karnataka police in order to safe guard them from being in contact with the BJP leaders. Both Congress and JDS fear horse trading. Though BJP has emerged as single largest party in the state and as a trend Governer should invite the single largest party to form the government but this trend has been broken during Goa and Manipur elections. In both the states Congress emerged as the single largest party but the Governers in these states invited BJP alliance to form the government. Going by this trend governer of Karnataka should have invited JDS-Congress alliance which has 115 MLAs but here again a new trend was set and the single largest party BJP was invited to form the government. Congress has threatened to approach Supreme Court of India and JDS may sit on "Dharna" in Bengaluru against the decision of the Governer. Therefore, next fifteen days will witness high voltage drama in the state of Karnataka.

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