BJP and JDS meet governor of Karnataka and claim formation of the new government

15 May 2018 18:16 Dr Ramesh C Raina

Morning result trends slipped little bit till 5 pm as BJP which was leading in 115 constituencies won 88 seats and are now leading in another 16 constituencies. BJP will get 104 seats out of 222 Vidhan Sabha seats in Karnataka general elections as per the reports of Election Commission of India. Indian National Congress has won 66 seats so far and is leading in 12 constituencies thus making its tally to 78 seats out of 222. Janta Dal Secular lead by Kumaraswamy son of Former Prime Minister of India Deve Gowda has won 34 seats and are leading in another 3 seats. JDS will get 37 seats in total. BSP and Independent has won one seat each. Karnataka voted on 12th May and has 224 seats in the Vidhan Sabha. Election was held in 222 seats and elections to Rajarajeshwarinagar and Jayanagar remained incomplete.

Two third majority in 222 Karnataka comes out to be 148 seats, BJP is short of the two third majority by 44 seats. In order to form the government BJP will require 113 seats in the assembly and falls short of 9 seats.

The new development emerged when JDS party head Kumaraswamy accepted support of congress party and went to governor’s house to claim the formation of the government. In case Congress and JDS comes together then total seats tally will be 115 (congress -78 and JDS – 37). BSP can also support the JDS + Congress alliance and its tally will then reach to 116 seats. Generally, governor invites single largest party for government formation, here in this case governor’s decision is to be observed. Governor’s decision during the last one year has been different in Goa and other North Eastern States. In Goa congress was the single largest party but the government was formed by BJP with the support of other parties. It will be interesting to watch governor’s decision in Karnataka.

Analyzing the vote share Congress has got 37.9% share followed by BJP which has got 36.2% share. JDS has got 18.4% vote share and Independent 4%.

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