Fans Troll Salman Khan & Race 3 Trailer Mercilessly; Memes & Bashing Tweets Take Twitter By Storm

16 May 2018 19:04 Entertainment Desk

Salman Khan's Race 3 Trailer: Fans are UPSET, makes FUN of Trailer

Yesterday (May 15, 2018), the trailer of Salman Khan starrer Race 3 hit the You Tube. While fans cheered for their 'Bhai' as he was seen packing punches, the 'non-bhai' fans had a field day on Twitter and they ended up trolling Salman Khan & Race 3 back and forth!

Some of them called it the 'extended version of Thums Up ad', while some said Salman Khan has become so 'mean' that he's only making movies for his die-hard fans.

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